November 2020

bubeez development logo.
bubeez development
(this website)

Web design and development project to showcase other work I've done. Written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

September 2020

Bulletheads Logo.
Bulletheads Gaming Community

Web design and development project. Written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

June 2020

An image of Announcement Bot.
Announcement Bot
A Discord bot for embedded announcements!

Bot development project in addition to website. Bot written in Python. Website written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


A picture of Chris.

What is "bubeez?"

Hi, I'm Chris!

Bubbies, or bubeez (as I like to spell it), is a nickname my wife started calling me several years ago. Now my young daughter calls me it too!


Email: bubeez (at)


Experienced with the following:

  • The Android robot.
  • The Java logo.
  • The Python logo.
  • The JavaScript logo.
  • The HTML 5 logo.
  • The CSS 3 logo.
  • The Digital Ocean logo.
  • The Docker logo.
  • The Heroku logo.